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Acualizada em:  15-May-2002.


Presentation Room IV - Galileo Galilei

bullet IV.1 Objective lens of Galileo
bullet IV.2 Galileo Galilei, Sidereus Nuncius ...
bullet IV.3 Giovilabio
bullet IV.4 Application of the pendulum to the clock
bullet IV.5 Model of the application of the pendulum to a clock
bullet IV.6 Geometrical Sector
bullet IV.7 Thermoscope
bullet IV.8 Armed lodestone
bullet IV.9 Lodestones
bullet IV.10 Middle finger of Galileo's right hand
bullet IV.11 Portrait of Galileo
bullet IV.12 Large lodestone with armature
bullet IV.13 Inclined plane
bullet IV.14 Brachistochrone descent
bullet IV.15 Machine to raise water
bullet IV.16 Galileo and Viviani
bullet IV.17 Galileo and Milton
bullet IV.18 Telescope of Galileo
bullet IV.19 Telescope of Galileo